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by Patty Basemi

Step into Patty’s childhood, where her daydreams became reality. With playful prints that remind us of picking flowers, reading books, and creating ice-creams out of flowers, this collection encapsulates all the magical memories of being a child.


by Mister Domestic

Introducing Mathew’s love of crocheting, Hooked celebrates the handmade beauty created with colorful yarn and playful block patterns. Bring some crochet to your sewing machine with unique textures, vibrant colors, and fun notions.

Cozy & Joyful

by Maureen Cracknell

The comfort and warmth of family, a steaming mug of cocoa, and the soft twinkle of Christmas tree lights, Cozy & Joyful celebrates these magical moments we love so much during the holidays.


by AGF Studio

Summery hues set them mood with grounding emerald greens, blue tints, and vibrant reds. Bring the garden into your home with delicate and cheerful florals that will inspire you to create a myriad of dashing projects.

CAPSULES - Terra Kotta

by AGF Studio

The beauty of nature’s desert sunsets are glowing through in our Terra Kotta collection. This group of soft, minimalist prints, were created to bring the modern quilter in you with golden hues, and buttered neutrals painted with rough edges and expressive brushstrokes.

Spooky ’n Sweet

by AGF Studio

Spooky ‘n Sweet is all about celebrating the magic of Halloween! Taking inspiration from vintage decorations, this nostalgic collection tells the story of a sweet, little witch named “Peppermint” and her group of ghoulish friends who set out on an adventure on All Hallows’ Eve.


by AGF Studio

A windfall of eclectic and bold geometric lines enhanced by opulent florals that invite you to find more than one alluring trouvaille. Add a touch of elegance to your projects with two unexpected color palettes filled with lavish pinks, lavender blues, and vivid teal.


by AGF Studio

Past the miles of sand, and mountains, deep in the southwest, we enter the whimsical world of Pacha. Where gentle creatures like llamas and porcupines etch their way through a black and white desert sprinkled in marigold yellow, sage green, and soft peaches.

365 Fifth Avenue

by Bari J.

A former address of an upscale department store in New York City, this is where Bari J’s mother often shopped for the latest fashions. Embellished with eye-catching florals mixed with midcentury geometrics, one imagines the chic trends of apparel and decor during the 1950s and ‘60s with these prints.

Hello Sunshine

by Katie Skoog

Feel the warmth of the coastal sun in Katie’s latest collection, Hello Sunshine! You’ll get to mix and match bold, vibrant prints like fruity pineapples, chic geometrics, and birds of paradise flowers that will have you dreaming about the carefree days of summer.

Marrakesh Fusion

by AGF Studio

Transport to an exotic escape where evocative colors awaken the senses! Taking inspiration from stunning architecture and hanging tapestries found in marketplaces, these prints encompass all the sights you’d stumble upon in the eclectic city of Marrakesh.

Rosewood Fusion

by AGF Studio

Embracing the Danish “Hygge” concept of being present in the moment, Rosewood Fusion highlights warm, sun kissed hues that radiate the room as you enjoy a cup a coffee, the warming glow of candlelight, and create something handmade.

Her & History

by Bonnie Christine

Her & History was inspired by stories and memories from our elders. It celebrates the moments shared with our grandparents that are near and dear to our hearts. This collection reminds us of our heritage, where we came from, and what we hope to leave behind.

Oh, Meow!

by Jessica Swift

Inspired by Jessica’s own two cats, this collection celebrates all the things feline friends love the most. From yarn, string, and windows to peer out of, you’ll discover a purrfect world in these playful, bright prints.

Foresta Fusion

by AGF Studio

Discover an enchanting forest that awakens at dusk, when woodland animals come out to forage amongst the dark, moody florals and towering trees. Grounded in cranberry and pine with dusted pinks, this collection is for those whose hearts are filled with wanderlust.


by Amy Sinibaldi

Reminiscing on her visits to Shepherd Market, Piccadilly, Hyde Park and Covent Garden, Amy sketched the flower-filled neighborhoods that surrounded her beloved hotel in Mayfair.

ART GALLERY FABRICSの定番Elements Squared



Floral Elements




by Katarina Roccella

Inspired by the nature that surrounds and inspires us daily, this group of fabrics is an ode to life on our beautiful planet, painted in earthy tones, enriched with imprinted textures.

私たちの日々の生活や自然の中からインスパイアされて完成したこのコレクションは、 アースカラーで描かれた、美しい地球という惑星の叙情詩です。


by Mister Domestic

From finger paints, watercolors, colored pencils to melty beads, and the alphabet, Mathew created a dream playroom full of inspiration for kids of all ages, especially with his daughter Helena in mind.

フィンガーペイント、水彩画、色鉛筆から、アイロンビーズやアルファベットまで、 Mathewはあらゆる年齢の子供たちが楽しめる ( 特に自分の娘HELENAをイメージしながら) インスピレーションあふれる夢のプレイルームを作りました。


by Sharon Holland

Tinted in autumnal shades of clay, maize, lavender, turquoise and denim pay tribute to the summer’s last blooms and nature’s majesty. Spirited is a collection with an attitude as big and bold as the Midwest prairie.

このコレクションでは、粘土色、トウモロコシ色、ラベンダー色、ターコイズ色、デニム色などの秋色を使って、夏の終わりに咲く花々や 自然の荘厳さを表現しています。スピリティッドは中西部の大草原と同じくらい大きくて大胆なコレクションです。

CAPSULE - Pine Lullaby Rediscovered

by AGF Studio

Because you asked for it, Pine Lullaby now comes in COTTON! Under the canopy of cozy loblolly pine trees, little furry creatures like foxes and otters etch their way through a black and white forest sprinkled with touches of sprucy mint, sunlit cedar and blush roses.

by Alexandra Bordallo  

While touring the African Savanna in Kenya, Alexandra captured various wildlife on her own camera. Deciding to translate these photos into prints, she brings to life a collection that shares a glimpse of everyday life on the enchanting grassland.

ケニアの広大なサバンナを旅している中で、アレキサンドラはカメラでたくさんの野生動物を撮影しました。 そこで撮った写真をプリントする際、サバンナの草原で過ごした毎日をこのコレクションで表現しようと決心したのです。


by AGF Studio

Inspired by folkloric & stitching motifs, you` ll discover colorful blooms, curious rabbits, and dancing june bugs in this whimsical collection that celebrates enchanting flora & fauna that come out when the sun is shining.

フォークロアやスティッチなどのモチーフに刺激されてできあがったとってもかわいいコレクション。 色とりどりの花々や好奇心の強いうさぎなどが、暖かい日差しのもとに現れて楽しそうに遊んでいます!


by Jessica Swift

After the passing of her husband, Jessica received an overwhelming amount of love that inspired her to create fabrics that celebrated life, compassion, family and community. In Swahili, “kushukuru” means gratitude which became the heart of this collection.

ジェシカは夫を亡くした後、口では言い表せないほどの「愛」を知りました。そしてその愛からインスパイアされて、人生、思いやり、家族、そして社会のためにこのコレクションを思いついたのです。 スワヒリ語では`kushukuruはこのコレクションの根底である「感謝」を意味します。

Enchanted Voyage

by Maureen Cracknell

Set sail on a whimsical journey, illuminated with dreamy colors and sea-inspired illustrations. You’ll listen to the waves, count the stars and greet majestic whales on your nautical adventure.

Maureen Cracknellの魅惑の船で気まぐれな旅に出航しましょうよ! 夢の様に美しい色彩や、海にインスパイアされて描かれた波模様などを眺めながら、 波の音を聞き、星を数え、雄大なクジラに挨拶してみませんか。



by Pat Bravo

Memories of an inspiring mother-daughter relationship, stories from a kitchen in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a mutual love of flowers create Nuncia. Named after Pat's mother in a tribute to her life and the amazing lessons she left for her two daughters.

デザイナーPat Bravoの生まれ育った地、アルゼンチンのブエノスアイレスで、彼女の母親とキッチンで過ごした日々を思い返し生まれたNunciaコレクション。 このコレクションはパットの母親が自分の人生を犠牲にしながらも二人の娘を育ててくれたことへの感謝として、母親の名前からコレクション名をもらいました。



by AGF Studio

Earth inspires us with its playful creatures and extensive foliage. From lush jungles in Central America to the fierce fauna in the African Savannah, SELVA is nourished by the bright colors, creatures, and plants found in the planet's on-land iconic ecosystems.

地球は自然に満ち溢れている!遊び心溢れる生き物や豊かに茂った自然にインスパイアされて生まれたSelvaのコレクション。 中南米のジャングルからアフリカのサバンナに棲む猛禽類まで、Selvaでは明るい色味で植物や動物を描いています。



by Katarina Roccella

Inspired by a warm summer's day that's filled with delectable fruits and stunning flora, Katarina created Floralish that blossoms with a fusion of watercolor textures fused with fresh and sweet tones.

美味しそうなフルーツやため息が出そうな程愛らしい花々が咲き乱れる陽気な夏の日にインスパイアされて、デザイナーのカタリーナは 新鮮でスイートな色味の水彩画法でFloralishコレクションを描きました。

Catch & Release

Catch & Release

by Mathew Boudreaux

Disconnecting, relaxing, catching a moment of joy together and then releasing it to make space for more. Matthew illustrates the place where his family goes to fish and enjoy nature. Multiple shades of blue create this refreshing collection, with touches of green and a few drops of ladybug red.

釣れないときも、リラックスしながら待つときも、釣れた瞬間も、そして魚を放す瞬間も!すべてが釣りの醍醐味。 マヒューが家族と釣りをしたり自然の中で楽しんでいる情景をデザインしたのがCatch & Release。 ブルーを中心に、緑と少しの赤を加えてアクセントにしています。

The Open Road

The Open Road

by Bonnie Christine

Inspired by an 8,000 mile - month long trip living in Miss Marjorie, her family's vintage camper, savoring the joy of taking the slow way & discovering all that nature has to offer around every bend, Bonnie paints The Open Road in tones of sienna, sage & warm blush.

年代物のキャンピングカーで、マージョリー一家の一か月以上に渡る長旅 ー総距離8000マイルー に刺激されて、 デザイナーボニーはThe Open Roadのコレクションを描きました。ゆっくり運転したり、 カーブを曲がるときなどに発見した花や草、動物などをモチーフにして、やさしいブラシ使いで描き出します。



by Sharon Holland

The first looks exchanged which then stare in the same direction, promises of love that are always kept, the ritual of marriage, and family traditions are what Everlasting celebrates. This eternally classic color story brings together heart red, creamy ivory and of course...something blue.

一目見て心が通じ合い、人生の同じ方向を見つめ、永遠の愛の約束を交わしあう。 結婚の儀式や家族の伝統など、あらゆる愛の形を、クラシックカラーを使ってEverlastingコレクションで表現しています。



by Bari J.

A free verse of painterly prints, Bloomsbury is an ode to the group of artists and writers who met in the Bloomsbury area of London in the early 1900s to discuss art, writing and philosophy. Bari J. imagines what would surround such luminaries as Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa who was a post-impressionist painter. The images become vivid in tones of fuchsia, teal, and fresh green.

ブルームズベリー・グループとは、1900年代初頭、ロンドンのブルームズベリーの地で、アートや文学、哲学などを議論しあった芸術家や作家たちの組織の名前です。グループの中心人物であり後期印象派の姉妹ヴァージニア・ウルフとヴァネッサ・ベルたちの足跡を追うように、デザイナーBari Jはフューシャや、ティール、そしてフレッシュグリーンなどの色味でビビッドにそのイメージを描き出しています。


Summer Side

by Dana Willard

Whether you’re lounging at the beach, or poolside with a popsicle, stay on the Summer Side of life with this cheerful fabric collection. Jump in and take a dip!

時にはビーチやプールサイドでアイスキャンディーでも食べながらのんびり過ごしたいと思いませんか?そんなときSummer Sideコレクションはそんな明るい楽しい空間をご提供します!ぜひこの世界観にどっぷり浸かってください!

ART GALLERY FABRICSのMystical Landコレクション

Mystical Land

by Maureen Cracknell

Inspired by mythology, fairy tales, astrology and dreams, Mystical Land invites you on a journey through a forest of majestic creatures, dancing blooms and celestial symbols that shine in glistening shades of iris, blue, and rose gold.



West Palm

by Katie Skoog

Candid flamingos and seashore-infused motifs celebrate coastal lifestyle in varying shades of coral, aquamarine and refreshing touches of lemon yellow.

ウェストパームビーチはフロリダの美しい海に面したビーチのひとつ。 ウェストパームの湿地帯に群れるフラミンゴや、海岸線に咲く花々や植物など、海辺のライフスタイルをコーラル、アクアマリン、そしてレモンイエローなどの清々しい色味で演出しています。



by AGF Studio

"Sisu!" is an untranslatable Finnish word; it is the mindset that allows us to keep going just when we think we are about to give up. In Sisu, children playing with primary shapes and colours inspire our natural tendency to persevere into our fullest potential.

Sisuとはフィンランド語で、あきらめかけているときなどに「がんばれがんばれ!」と自分自身を奮い立たせるのに使う言葉なのだそうです。 いろいろな色や形のおもちゃで遊んでいる子供たちを見て、ART GALLERY FABRICS専属デザイナーたちが、少しでも自分たちの可能性を伸ばしてほしいと願いデザインした心のこもったコレクションです。



by Jessica Swift

The forest wondrously wakes and magically sleeps in this day-dreamy, sleep-dreamy collection. Inspired by Jessica’s love of nature, and her affinity for the mystical, Lugu tells the story of owls, moths, and crown-wearing deer.



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