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by Bari J.

A free verse of painterly prints, Bloomsbury is an ode to the group of artists and writers who met in the Bloomsbury area of London in the early 1900s to discuss art, writing and philosophy. Bari J. imagines what would surround such luminaries as Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa who was a post-impressionist painter. The images become vivid in tones of fuchsia, teal, and fresh green.

ブルームズベリー・グループとは、1900年代初頭、ロンドンのブルームズベリーの地で、アートや文学、哲学などを議論しあった芸術家や作家たちの組織の名前です。グループの中心人物であり後期印象派の姉妹ヴァージニア・ウルフとヴァネッサ・ベルたちの足跡を追うように、デザイナーBari Jはフューシャや、ティール、そしてフレッシュグリーンなどの色味でビビッドにそのイメージを描き出しています。


Summer Side

by Dana Willard

Whether you’re lounging at the beach, or poolside with a popsicle, stay on the Summer Side of life with this cheerful fabric collection. Jump in and take a dip!

時にはビーチやプールサイドでアイスキャンディーでも食べながらのんびり過ごしたいと思いませんか?そんなときSummer Sideコレクションはそんな明るい楽しい空間をご提供します!ぜひこの世界観にどっぷり浸かってください!

ART GALLERY FABRICSのMystical Landコレクション

Mystical Land

by Maureen Cracknell

Inspired by mythology, fairy tales, astrology and dreams, Mystical Land invites you on a journey through a forest of majestic creatures, dancing blooms and celestial symbols that shine in glistening shades of iris, blue, and rose gold.



West Palm

by Katie Skoog

Candid flamingos and seashore-infused motifs celebrate coastal lifestyle in varying shades of coral, aquamarine and refreshing touches of lemon yellow.

ウェストパームビーチはフロリダの美しい海に面したビーチのひとつ。 ウェストパームの湿地帯に群れるフラミンゴや、海岸線に咲く花々や植物など、海辺のライフスタイルをコーラル、アクアマリン、そしてレモンイエローなどの清々しい色味で演出しています。



by AGF Studio

"Sisu!" is an untranslatable Finnish word; it is the mindset that allows us to keep going just when we think we are about to give up. In Sisu, children playing with primary shapes and colours inspire our natural tendency to persevere into our fullest potential.

Sisuとはフィンランド語で、あきらめかけているときなどに「がんばれがんばれ!」と自分自身を奮い立たせるのに使う言葉なのだそうです。 いろいろな色や形のおもちゃで遊んでいる子供たちを見て、ART GALLERY FABRICS専属デザイナーたちが、少しでも自分たちの可能性を伸ばしてほしいと願いデザインした心のこもったコレクションです。



by Jessica Swift

The forest wondrously wakes and magically sleeps in this day-dreamy, sleep-dreamy collection. Inspired by Jessica’s love of nature, and her affinity for the mystical, Lugu tells the story of owls, moths, and crown-wearing deer.



Trinkets Fusion

by AGF Studio

As if found in a treasure chest from grandma’s attic, Trinkets carries the essence of often overlooked keepsakes. Flowers pressed in a book, vintage knitting, hand pressed wallpaper, all rooted in deep red, white, and blue and enveloped in warm golden touches.

Silkroad Fusion


Ancient asian techniques of brushwork, ink making, and fiber knowledge are shared through the trading route that is Silkroad. Black, white and red impactfully define the elegant florals and geometrics that will transport you to a world of delicate craftsmanship.


by Mathew Boudreaux

Island memories from an adventure to Hawaii with his daughter, Helena, guided Matthew’s creation of the whimsical and vibrant Aura. The unique visuals and feels are captured in color palettes inspired by swimming with dolphins and otherworldly sunsets.


by Amy Sinibaldi

Inspired by the classical music of Ludwig van Beethoven, playful window boxes, symphony instruments and inspired arrangements of edelweiss blooms, Amy created her very own "Ode to Joy." A romatic palette of imperial blue, magenta, vermillion and dusty pinks reflects her interpretation of the sonatas, concertos and symphonies.

Art District Fusion

by AGF Studio

Bright colors and eye-catching designs bring the streets of Art District alive. Most countries in the world share a district perfect for a stroll while enjoying an ice cream cone and admiring the art with the occasional cats roaming around.

CAPSULES - Stargazer

by AGF Studio

To bearfinity and beyond! Stargazer is a playful and imaginative journey where spatial animal friends gather to explore the universe, discovering friendly moons, stars, and planets in airy tones of mint and blue against deep skies.

Sun Kissed

by Maureen Cracknell

A warm breeze making the palm trees dance. Sun Kissed is glowing skin after a cool swim, a puppy’s joyful bandana, colorful pool tiles, that floral dress that will always remind us of a lovely and bright summertime forever engraved in vibrant tones of ocean blue, cherry red and citrus yellow.


by Pat Bravo

Passionate persistence and an infinite love for design have led Pat Bravo to design forty collections over the past fourteen years. Legendary tells the story of her best-selling designs, and brings them together harmoniously through what is Pat’s signature: an exquisite use of color.

Autumn Vibes

by Maureen Cracknell

The warm light of a chimney reveals the awakening of autumn. Cozy shades of honey, pumpkin and eggplant enliven this forest where foxes and squirrels live surrounded by rich and vibrant blooms.

Little Clementine

by AGF Studio

Visiting Miss Ditzy at The Gingerbreads and sharing found keepsakes with her friends in cardigans and cozy scarves, is the perfect day for Little Clementine. Delicate blooms adorn her neighborhood in warm autumn tones that are sometimes caressed by an icy blue breeze.


by Bari J.

Virtuosa reminisces on Bari J.’s days as a theater performer, reimagining plays through dramatic yet melodic designs where the plot is reinterpreted. Bold floral prints are mixed with harmonious geometrics symbolizing the arc of a story. All set against two distinct palettes; the mysterious romantic and the warmhearted extrovert. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2018

Oval Elements

by AGF Studio

Our most modern blender... The geometric tonal you have been looking for, perfect by itself or combined for every project you dream of! 10 tantalizing and refreshing colors!


by Bonnie Christine

Gathered was inspired by finding joy in the simplest things. Gathering food from the garden on a warm spring day, gathering wild flowers along the roadside and best of all, gathering with the ones we love most.


by Sharon Holland

The natural world is set to patterns of budding florals, butterflies, and forest animals in Sharon's signature hand-drawn style. Blooming prints emerge in a riot of springtime colors of cool teal, sunny yellow, radiant fuchsia, and dappled-shade green.


95% Cotton 5% Spandex  |生地幅140cm

Loved to Pieces

Loved to Pieces

by Mathew Boudreaux

With the wind of his daughter Helena’s love at his back, Matthew created Loved To Pieces. Her love for flowers and his love for paper piecing fused into a world where florals and EPP geometrics play against an array of blue tones with touches of vibrant pinks and subtle greens.



by Jessica Swift

Blue and purple reign in this underwater queendom. The world of the mermaids Aquamarina and Violette is adorned by friendly sharks, dancing octopi, bright corals and the exotic fruits and leafs they gather from the ocean's surface.

Indigo & Aster

by Bari J.

Indigo & Aster brings together the playful idea of animal friends crowned in blooming florals and multi-cultural inspired designs. Deep blues, purples, and greens highlight Bari’s painterly foliage balanced by geometric and animal prints to unify this rich collection.

Printemps Fusion

by AGF Studio

Spring blooms will surround your sewing room all year long with Printemps Fusions. Feminine pinks and corals contrasted by a medley of fresh greens express the beauty of a romantic floral filled day.

Flower Child

by Maureen Cracknell

Hidden amongst mother earth’s beauty lives the Flower Child. Maureen welcomes you to a world filled with lush meadows, beautiful wild bouquets, and the spirit of the flower child painted with fuchsia, blush pink, and teal.


by Katarina Roccella

Katarina takes us on a beautiful journey to the Mediterranean coast with Mediterraneo. Exotic fruits, flowers, and artistic elements are spiced with shades of navy, magenta, and hints of tangerine to have you sewing in paradise.


by Jessica Swift

Jessica’s travels through Eastern Europe bring to life Tallin. Picturesque Estonian villages, graceful swans, and a deep love for combining quirky folk motifs come together in this playful collection.

Day Trip

by Dana Willard

In the big state of Texas, there’s always a reason to take a day trip. Dana takes us on a colorful adventure through fields of blooming cacti, bluebonnets, and all the things she loves about her home state.

CAPSULES - Campsite

by AGF Studio

Joyous thoughts of roasted marshmallows, glowing fireflies, and curious woodland creatures come to life in Campsite! Fresh tones of deep teal, soft pink, and burnt sienna set the mood for sewing inspired by an adventurous camping trip.


by Amy Sinibaldi

Amy welcomes you to the charming and whimsical miniature house of her imagination with Dollhouse. A mix of sweet florals against a cozy palette of soft grays, rose and warm sienna will take to a romantic world of childhood dreams.

Love Story

by Maureen Cracknell

Love Story celebrates the radiant, joyful energy of love. Colorful bouquets and dainty birds become romantic designs that give the collection a heartwarming feel inspired by the simple beauties of love.


by Katarina Roccella


Esoterra brings to life an extinct luscious land where beautiful and exotic creatures roamed. Katarina captures the archeological essence of this mysterious world with lush foliage and rugged textures enhanced by deep green, dark teals, grays and hints of fuchsia.

City Loft Fusion

by AGF Studio

Bold and eccentric prints come together to bring you the essence metropolitan chic in City Loft Fusions. Trendy florals and striking geometrics are colored in saturated plum contrasted by edgy grays and touches of orange for contemporary sewing.

Floralia Fusion

by AGF Studio

The beauty of nature’s flora has blossomed in Floralia Fusions. Lush greens, fresh yellows, and feminine fuchsia accentuate timeless blooms that will bring a garden of delight into your sewing room.

Wild Bloom

by Bari J

Wild Bloom is an expression of Bari J’s endless love for flowers. A medley of meticulously painted bouquets, tiny ditzy flowers, vases and branches are splashed with exuberant color and are contrasted by sashiko inspired blenders to have you madly in love with Bari’s signature style.

Indie Folk

by Pat Bravo

The last instalment of Pat’s Indie trilogy, is crowned with Indie Folk. This collection expresses a visual story of Pat’s love for folklore and the world around her. Ornamental florals and minimalistic ethnic designs are splashed with saturated colors for sewing eclectic projects with a trendy twist.


by Dana Willard


Dana shares her love for retro-modern design through flowers, cute cats, and modern shapes accentuated with shades of pink and highlighted in bronze.The perfect combo of feminine prints and sophistication come together in Blush.


by Bonnie Christine


Inspired by Bonnie's love for her little ones, she illustrates a playful yet delicate story for boys and girls with Lambkin. Decorated with sophisticated colors of mint, slate and blush this collection shows the vision of a peaceful farmstead

Woodlands & Bachelorette Fusion

Woodlands Fusions, brings to life an eclectic romance with a fresh selection of florals complemented by minimal lines. Deep crimson, vivid coral, and splashes of navy will add a classic touch to all your sewing needs.

Vivid florals are paired with hand drawn elements to create feminine sophistication in Bachelorette Fusions! Bold pinks, dusty teal, and hints of neutrals lend themselves to create a chic mood for endless sewing.

Spices Fusion

by AGF Studio

Spices Fusionでは、ぴりりと一味違うスパイスを利かせたような色味。

Lush florals and subtle geometrics come together to enchant in Spices Fusions. Saturated shades of plum, orange, and dusty jade accentuate this range of prints to add spice to your sewing.

Little Town

Little Town

by Amy Sinibaldi


Nestled deep within a forest of pines, a Little Town evokes the joy and peace of winter. Painted in soft shades of grey, pale rose, and teal this town flourishes through the snow.



by Maureen Cracknell


Inspired by family mementos, pieces of nature, handmade goods & vintage finds, this collection celebrates the gentle spirit of makers. Deep plums & rusty reds bring to life the unique treasures of each print.


by Katarina Roccella

Katarina Roccellaにより、ブルーを基調としてデザインされた生地。

History and culture come to life in an interplay of blue hues. Shades ranging from strong ultramarine to soft pastel tones transcend a modern take on decorative details and forms.

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